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Welcome to Heymann's Drunken Cow Jerky LLC.  We are located in Dallas Texas and providing high quality, tasty meat snacks around the globe.  Drunken Cow Jerky uses 100% Texas certified beef to produce the best steak jerky available.  We use NO artificial meats, chemicals or preservatives other than salt as jerky should be.   Drunken Cow Jerky is made using all fresh cut ingredients such as onion, garlic and various types of peppers.
After we slice our meat, we soak it in whiskey for 24 hours along with over 14 spices and meat cure blend.   We also use a 48 blade tenderizing tool that makes our jerky tender unlike many of our competitors. Once the meat is fully marinated,  it is loaded into our dehydrators to complete the drying process.   

We have shipped our jerky all around the country by sealing our product with 02 eaters to keep it oxygen free and safe from aging and losing freshness.  We also include a flosser tool in every bag so you can clean up those teeth when finished!  

Please visit the "Order" page for ordering.  

Here is a live Interview from KRLD  https://soundcloud.com/jdjdryantv/drunken-cow-jerky-texas-road-trippin

A special thank you to Matthew JC at JC Creative Group and the JC Allstar models for partnering with Drunken Cow Jerky and promoting our products!

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We are located at 2920 Merrell Rd Dallas Texas 75229  (new location)  214-257-0776 (leave message for email forward)
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